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The firm was founded in 1878 and the today's owner is Kamenoprumyslove zavody Ltd. Sluknov. We have a long-time tradition in mining and treatment of diabaz, which has been known under the trade name Sluknovsky syenit and Rozanska granite in the last years, too.

We treat both home and outland granite, we use modern and high-quality machines now.

In grave-yard architecture we are able to produce any kinds of gravestones from different kinds of materials for you. We offer a big capacity in treatment of boards for paving blocks, cover plates for staircase, window - sills, curb stones, boundary-stones to the construction companies. We also produce paving blocks splitted or cutted, rounded pillars, troughs and fountains. Surface treatment - either polished, emeried, sprung, flamed, pargeted, peeled or cutted.

We are ready to supply all your requests of production in a very good quality.

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